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Medi-Temps USA is a separate company of  J. Stroll Associates, Inc., established in 1955.

Medi-Temps USA serves the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries since 1968.

Medi-Temps USA will focus on providing consultants, temporary medical and scientific professionals.

Our focus will be these areas below:

Temporary , consultant , part-Time , Per diem , M.D. , MD , Physician , Medical Doctor , Doctor , Chief Information Officer , CIO , OUTCOMES RESEARCHER , Occupational Health , Medical Surveillance , safety physician , ANES , anesthesiology , Lawyers , MD , medical doctor ,  Physician ,  DO ,  Arthritis , Rheumatoid Arthritis , Osteopathy , RN , Nurse , PHD , Allergy and Immunology ,  Adolescent Medicine , Anesthesiology , Pathology , CardiologyPsych , Neurology , Oncology , Hematology , COPD , Pulmonary , Endocrinology , Diabetes , Gastroenterology , Obstetrics and Gynaecology , Infectious diseases , Internal Medicine , Health Informatics , Nephrology , Nuclear medicine , respiratory , rheumatology , Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine , Public Health , Sports Medicine , Urology , Vascular surgery , Adjuncts ,  instructors ,  teachers ,  law professors ,  mentors ,  teaching assistant ,  professors , educator ,  tutor ,  instructor ,  master ,  mistress , governess ,  educationist ,  preceptor ,  coach ,  trainer ,  lecturer ,  professor ,  don ,  guide ,  mentor ,  guru , counselor ,  substitute teacher ,  sub ,  informal teach ,  formal pedagogue ,  historical schoolman ,  schoolmarm , Healthcare Associate , Research Analyst , Translational Medicine , Genome , Biomanufacturing , regenerative medicine , Clinical Pharmacology , pharmacogenetics , drug metabolism , discovery groups , cardiovascular , lipid disorders , metabolic disorders , diabetes , pain , neuroscience , oncology , drug eluting stent , pharmacokineticists , Production Engineering , Engineering , Compliance , Regulatory Affairs , Dentist , Meeting and Event Planning , Event Planner , Attorney , General Counsel , Lawyer , Info tech , CIO , Information technology

If you wish to see an extra focus, please send us an email to:


Ever wonder how medical products like Advil, Rogaine, Slim Fast, DDI-DDC, and the plethora of blockbuster offerings received market approval?

Well these companies took the most important step to success! They called the highly respected leader in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. They called “J. Stroll Associates, Inc.!”

Since 1955, J. Stroll Associates, Inc. serves the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industries by placing highly experienced and qualified Physicians and Doctorates, Clinical Research, Preclinical, Regulatory, Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Product Development staff.

More about J. Stroll Associates

Our expert consultants are available for weekly or monthly tours. They can telecommute or be on site for your projects.

Our mission is to give you a comprehensive choice of the most outstanding, highly qualified candidates to meet your organization’s needs.

We boast over sixty years of experience in service to a broad range of industries:

Fleet services
Financial Services
Medical Devices

And many others

Some of our specialists include:

  • Nurses
  • Physicians
  • Doctorates
  • Doctors of Veterinarian Medicine
  • Attorneys
  • Financiers
  • Accountants
  • IT Specialists

And much more


  1. Stroll Associates gives you a critical edge when you are preparing to defend your studies to the FDA. We are the prevention for a negative response.
  2. Stroll Associates will find you a specialist with proven track record to aid your team for a successful NDA. Our specialists are experts who take tittering programs and bring them to sound ground. Our specialists consistently earn an “overwhelming approval status” from the FDA.

Our candidates and consultants provide design, proof of concept, and implementation of phase I-IV clinical studies. We even have translational medicine specialists ready to aid you. What else do we offer?

  • Specialists experienced in medical safety reviews for EMEA pediatric submissions.
  • Experts who do technology and pharmacoeconomic assessments.
  • Experienced, qualified medical writers for sections of IND, NDA, and BLA applications. Some were medical reviewers for clinical trials!
  • Our industry experienced candidates have ready manuscripts, abstracts and medical/clinical presentations before peer and regulatory agencies.
  • Professionals with experience in investigator meetings and working knowledge from extensive interactions with KOLs.

Our industry experts have extensive experience from their interactions with sales and marketing departments. Some successfully developed the creation of medical/clinical databases for major pharmaceutical companies. Some, had major roles in clinical development or held top executive positions in the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industry.

Our candidates are concise, confidential and thorough in their pursuit of excellence. They will help give to your bottom line.

If you are not familiar with our company, we are anxious to hear from you about your needs. We will match your requirements with our extensive personnel base to provide you the right candidate at the earliest opportunity.

Stroll Associates is the première, “sure-footed”, and permanent placement company since 1955.

Warmest regards,

The Stroll Associates Team!