Diamond stone cutter who’s a gem of a physician- President and CEO, CMO

Some-days, I believe I could be a diamond stonecutter.

Specifically, when it comes to studying which angle must be struck to reveal the most brilliance of the diamond.

We have been referred to what we consider a Gem of a Physician and businessperson.

He is American Board Certified in Internal Medicine and American Board Certified in Gastroenterology.

He is President & CEO and CMO and Member of the Board of a Therapeutic company where he is currently holding these positions.

He received a certificate from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania for Physician Executives.

His Company is listed and is engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of pharmaceutical agents that target specific proteins for treatment of fibrotic diseases and Cancer.

He joined the Board of this company when it was in desperate straits and the Board and Management were changed out.

When he took over as CEO in March 2011, he changed the strategic direction, reorganized the management and operations, rebranded and changed the name of the Company.

Because of these changes, the company has a new program in treatment of fatty liver disease with advanced fibrosis wherein an IND was filed.

The FDA approved Fast Track designation, and a phase 1 clinical trial will be completed in fall 2014. In addition, the emphasis of the cancer therapeutic program was shifted to tumor immunotherapies for advanced melanoma and there is currently a phase 1a trial underway pairing a specific 3 inhibitor with another specific inhibitor.

Additionally, the Company’s patent portfolio has been significantly strengthened over the past three years. At the start of the turnaround in January 2009, the market cap of the Company was approximately $5 million and now ranges around $130 million and has been over $300 million.

He was a founder and Chair of the Board and CEO from the founding of another company in 2009. This Company seeks to create technology and services that revolutionize separation sciences and advance chemical and life sciences. As a start-up biotechnology company, this Company has discovered a breakthrough process that greatly enhances the efficiency of column chromatography (molecular separations) and markedly increases sample throughput as compared to current technology. The technology will have broad application in separation science, biopharmaceutical research, and medical diagnostics. The Company continues to operate and has issued US patents.
He is the inventor of one patent and now has a functional preparative instrument.

In 2003 he was elected to be President and C.E.O. of a prestigious Medical School with almost 10,000 employees and a gross operating budget of $1.1Billion.

He developed a strategic Plan in 2003 with a large group of faculty and staff, a College-wide strategic plan with specific goals and targets that were continually updated and progress monitored. On March 26, 2008 a report on the progress made on the strategic plan was issued, showing that a vast majority of the goals had been met.

He oversaw the development of innovative medical education programs to promote new learning opportunities for medical students, the development of new scientific cores, and the establishment of National Institutes of Health (NIH) Centers in Cancer, Asthma and Diabetes.

He recruited 11 new department chairs and center directors as well as a nationally recognized healthcare leader to serve as CEO.

He served as a Senior Vice President of Clinical Development and Medical Affairs for a major Pharmaceutical Company.  He served as Chief Medical Officer for the same Company.

He was recruited back to Academia as Chief Executive Officer for a major medical school for Corporate Medical Governance and spokesperson and Chair of Global Safety Board.

He became Chair Department of Medicine, Professor of Medicine and Professor of Genetics.

In 1992 to 97he was promoted to Chief Division of Gastroenterology Department of Internal Medicine.

He served on Boards of Non=profit Organizations for over seven years.

He maintains multiple Medical licenses in seven states.

He is a member of many prestigious national societies.

He has served on Editorial Boards in G.I. and I.M.

He has been a Reviewer for many prestigious journals and study sections.

He has been Principal Investigator for extensive

He has been Principal author of many Grants. Including NIH sponsored grants.

He has been Invited Lectureships since 1991 extensive list will be forwarded upon request.

He has been principal author and co-author of 51 original research papers published in reviewed journals.

He has been scientific Reviewer for Books and Chapters in Books related to original programs. Full Bibliography upon request.

He is seeking an opportunity wherein he could once again lead by example and develop continuous reproducible results.

We welcome your confidential perusal and welcome the opportunity to arrange a meeting to exchange ideas and review his results.

I look forward to speaking with you soon,

Warmest regards,
Joe Stroll Cartoon SLIMMER me!

Joe Stroll
J. Stroll Associates, Inc.
Bank of America Building
980 Post Road East, 2nd floor
Westport, CT 06880
URL- http://www.strollassociates.com



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