Jstrollassociates offers a simple way to connect with potential contractors, allowing you to take a step back from traditional searching and wait for them to contact you. Elegant, simple and easy to use, Jstrollassociates allows you to spend your time on better things than looking for jobs.

1. Create An Account


Creating an account with Jstrollassociates is easy, with the social login feature it allows your to login easily.

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2. Submit Your Resume

Submitting a resume using Jstrollassociates is super simple. We’ve made entering your information easy and your resume will be available to the whole world in only one step OR you can HIDE your resume among the world and see who’s looking at your resume and experiences.

Make sure you insert every relevant information about yourself, allowing contractors to better analyze if you are the right person they need.

Submitting your resume is free and you can do it right now.


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3. Look for more jobs

After you posted your resume, you can have a look at some of the jobs on our website and apply if it’s suitable for you.

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